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Privacy for All


The Gap

Between business, legal and IT

Who We Are

About Us

Our History

We were born in June 2015.

Our founder Karen Lawrence Öqvist, a privacy advocate, envisioned an emerging niche market in privacy compliance.

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Our Passion

We are privacy advocates, with a unique combination of competencies, providing a cross-disciplinary approach to privacy compliance.

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What We Do

Our Services


Knowledge is empowerment. You will find it in the form of best practices, tools, and education.


Privacy compliance needs to be woven into every business process.


Processor agreements, international transfers, derogations, what are they? It is the legal experts who can tell you, and help you do it right!

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GDPR Practitioner

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CPP/EU in Gothenburg and Stockholm

Get a three-day qualified education for GDPR practitioners in Stockholm or Gothenburg. The education conference gives you the international certificate CPP/EU. Reserve your seat 7-9 May i Stockholm or 14-16 maj in Gothenburg.

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Exclusive GDPR training in Portugal

GDPR Practitioner in Swedish in Portugal. Our partner Leventa AB offers our Swedish speaking clients the possibility to combine GDPR training with beautiful scenery and extras to the learning experience. Language: Swedish

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How We Do

Our Work Process

GDPR is Change

We will treat your GDPR request as (part of) a change management program. It involves, processes, people and legal, (and yes of course, lots of IT).

Engage people

Change management starts with adoption of a common language, i.e. bridge the gap between business, IT and legal. Once this is done, a decision on budget scope and ownership should be easy!

Business process

The GDPR is individual-centric, and business processes are built around human-centric-interactions. It is natural that we scope our projects by process not by IT system.


Knowledge is power, so it’s part of the package. We aim to empower your organisation with industry and privacy best practices, and with privacy knowledge and learning.

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