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Get the tool (GDPR Portal) you need to control and evidence personal data that your organisation collects and uses.

Get GDPR compliant

Earn GDPR points as you work! Watch your score increases in the GDPR Portal bringing you closer to GDPR compliance.

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The reward for the GDPR work is the Privasee SEAL. Evidence that your organisation is doing their best to follow  the GDPR rules.

About us

We are niched in GDPR compliance

Privasee was born in the summer of 2015 in Sweden. The two co-founders are passionate about human rights and privacy. It is Karen Lawrence Öqvist, originally from UK that had a dream to make GDPR compliance accessible to every organisation irrespective of size.

Karen likes things simple and has spent the last six years building a tool that simplifies compliance with GDPR, it even uses gamification concepts. It is available in English and Swedish.

The tool is called the GDPR Portal -for want of a better name, and there was a free version launched in the Spring of 2022.

What we’re great at …

We have GDPR know-how

And not only that, we can make it work in practice for your organisation. The tools are there supported with a knowledge base in both English and Swedish.


We make compliance achievable

We have easy-to-use tools which enable you to get your company compliant with GDPR at a cost that does not burn a hole in your pockets. In fact there is even a FREE version!


We are approachable

We have removed the complexity from this legal animal. Clearly you will have some work to do, but we are here to help you. We specialise in small and medium-sized organisations.


Train your employees, implement policies/registers, create/update/close risks.


Watch the GDPR maturity score increase the more that you work the more you earn. Feel empowered, it is almost fun!


Earn the Privasee SEAL for your company. and build trust for your brand.

Client testimonials

Our customers say lots of great things about is, such as “easy and fun” when it comes to our employee training, and “easy and smooth” when it comes to the GDPR Portal.

The testimonials were translated from Swedish.

GDPR compliance is straightforward through this portal. You can easily build up complete registers and update them continuously. It is a flexible way comply with legislation and there is even employee training.

It is important that both staff and customers feel secure in the handling of personal data and here is the solution for us.


We have soon been working with Privasee’s GDPR portal for two years, which makes it easy for us to continuously ensure that we not only protect our customers’ personal data but that we also comply with relevant legislation.  All employees have completed Privasee’s e-training to ensure that our protection of personal data comes naturally to us all.