The GDPR places a high bar of quality on the management of personal data. Privasee's subscription services provides you and your organisation the peace of mind in following these rules.

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Breach as a Service (BaaS)

Take Control

You pay a fixed monthly subscription, plus a time for our 'Breach Busters' to resolve, and decide if a report to the Supervisory Authority is necessary.

DSAR as a Service (DSARaaS)

SHow That you care

You pay a fixed montly subscritpion, plus time for our DSAR support staff to manage each request. what we do is to verify that the individual is who they say they are, and that they are actually relevant, i.e. a customer, partner, employee, etc.

DPO Help!

For small and medium sized organisations

This is a low-cost subscription service which is targeted at small and medium sized business (SMBs).

DPO Support Team

for larger organisations

The DPO Support Team at Privasee gives your organisation what they need under a single umbrella. Privasee has a cross-disciplinary team of Privacy Practitioners and Legal to guide and support your DPO function.

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