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DPO Timeshare

The GDPR places a high-bar on the perfect DPO profile. The individual needs to be a seasoned professional in data protection and compliance, business processes, IT and information security, and what is more this individual needs to have a legal degree. These individuals just don't exist today.

The DPO Timeshare gives your organisation what they need under a single umbrella. Privasee has a cross-disciplinary team to provide and/or support your DPO function, which will include activities, such as:

  • Ongoing DPO Duties
  • Privacy program office design
  • Data Protection by Design (DPbD), by default
  • Privacy by Design (PbD) in technology
  • Data discovery
  • The DSAR function
  • Internal privacy policies
  • Review of Processor Agreements, external-facing privacy notice
  • Marketing and privacy
  • etc
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