The GDPR Portal includes a load of goodies to make GDPR compliance easy and cost effective for your business in the form of tools, templates, checklists and help.

There is an initial setup cost of €700.



The GDPR Portal is designed as an implementation tool for the small and medium-sized business. The mere act of assigning a GDPR responsible in your business, and setting up a personal data register will provide evidence that your business is serious about protecting the personal data of your customers, whether these are private or public sector, your employees and your partners. 

Are you a small business? See what Jane did.

We are Privacy Practitioners

Join our global network of privacy practitioners and help us make a difference. As a Privacy Practitioner you believe in quality in privacy compliance, and you understand what 'data protection by design by default' means in practice. Use Privasee tools to help your customers do this right!

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