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We empower you to build trust into your ecosystem.

The GDPR is about putting the individual first. Your customers, partners and employees.

What we do?

Our clients: We guide, share best privacy practices, and educate, in order to empower our ecosystem on their journey to privacy compliance.

Privasee Consultant OWLs: (partners, trained in privacy best practices by Privasee) We guide, share best practices, and educate our privacy partners; ultimately to empower them to serve their clients on their journey to privacy and GDPR compliance.

Privasee Learn OWLs: Trusted channel partners which resell privacy awareness, and training, throughout the EU and beyond.

Our partners: We choose partners, which represent the highest quality for industry best practices in privacy compliance which are the foundation to 'data protection by design, by default' mandated in the GDPR. These are partners in ITIL/ITSM, Testing, information/technical security, Six Sigma, etc.

Why Choose Us

Privasee are professionals in privacy and GDPR. We pride ourselves in having a pragmatic approach to privacy compliance.

The GDPR effectively extends privacy compliance out of the legal office function into every business function. What this means is that legal, business and IT need to work hand-in-hand for every business, in a way never experienced before.

Privasee was the first company to advocate a ‘common privacy language’ in order to bridge the gap between business, IT and legal. The Privasee brand is a sign of qualified privacy best practices for Privasee trusted channel partners and Privasee clients globally.

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We are Knowledge

Our Brand

Privasee stands for ‘quality in privacy compliance’.

Our Mission

Bring quality, affordable privacy compliance to all businesses.

Our Passion

We are a diverse team of privacy advocates. Together we provide a cross-disciplinary approach to privacy compliance.

Our clients

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Our History

Privasee stands for ‘quality in privacy compliance’ which can only be reached through natural conducts of an organisation, i.e. people, business processes (and technology).


We were born in June 2015. Our founder Karen Lawrence Öqvist, a privacy advocate, envisioned an emerging niche market in privacy compliance. This market would be triggered initially within the EU by a new data protection law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018. Karen wanted to make quality privacy compliance accessible to every business, whatever their size!

Enter GDPR!

When our founder, Karen, read the draft of the GDPR in 2014, she was inspired by what she found.

The GDPR gives rights to individuals on the collection and use of their personal data by organisations wanting to do this. This law was implemented within the EU as law across every member state on 25th May 2018.

What it meant in practice is that a 'risk-based approach to privacy' and 'data protection by design, by default', shifted privacy compliance out of the legal office into the operational silos of the organisation.

Early Days

Karen started building tools and methods. The first and most well-known is the Data Protection Impact Assessment - a unique 7-step Agile DPIA used to assess privacy risks which present potential harm to the individual.

Now and the Future

Since then Privasee has gained traction on the market as a pragmatic holistic professional business partner, we have built many more privacy tools and methods. What's more is that, Privasee has become central within a trust ecosystem feeding knowledge through partners like Cornerstone, DPON - Data Privacy ON, IFE Portugal and Internago.

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  • www.privasee.eu
  • Email: info@privasee.eu