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When this applies to you?

This Privacy Notice applies to the use of the Privasee website, as well as Privasee’s services towards its customers.

Our website contains links to other websites. Once redirected to another website, this notice is no longer applicable.

Information Collection & Tracking

This section describes what personal data we collect and process on different occasions, such as: when you use this website, when you apply for a job, when you contact us, etc. Each section below has listed (1) title, and (2) legal basis -in brackets, you can find this under Article 6 of the GDPR.

Cookies (consent)

You can visit our website without giving away a lot of your personal data.  According to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act that came into force on 25 July 2003, visitors to a website shall be informed about the use ofcookies, and have the option to prevent them from being used. This website downloads in total 12 cookies:

  • Session cookies (which are deleted at session stop);
  • If you purchase something from our webshop Stripe will download some cookies to handle the transaction;
  • Statcounter (used to track visitors demographics) downloads 4 cookies.

A cookie is a small text file (usually smaller than 1 kB) that is saved in your computer and stores information. Cookies are used to improve the website for the user, among other purposes.

Communication data (legitimate interest)

If you get in touch with us via email, phone, post or other form of communication, we may keep records of those correspondences and their content in order to be able to respond to you or document your complaint. If you wish for your information to be deleted from our systems, you can contact us directly through this website.

Partnering (legitimate interest)

Privasee does not recruit, with a preference to partnering. We will collect, process and store the information you have sent us for partner-related purposes.

Train with Privasee (contract)

If you sign up to take a course or training with Privasee, we will collect, process and store the information necessary for us to deliver the requested service. 

Privasee webshop (contract)

If you purchase any product form our webshop, even if they are provided free of charge, we will collect, process and store the information necessary for us to deliver the requested product.

Privasee SEAL (contract)

If you have subscribed to Privasee's GDPR certification portal (only available in Swedish April 2020), we will collect, process and store the information necessary for us to deliver the requested service.

GDPR handbook (consent)

If you have subscribed to Privasee's free service, GDPR handbook help portal, i.e. created an account, we will collect, process and store the information necessary for us to deliver the requested service. 

Direct marketing (legitimate interest)

Privasee not very comfortable with the practice of direct marketing, nonetheless created its first campaign in April 2020 using MailChimp; with the launch of its GDPR compliance portal in Swedish. If you have been a prospect/customer/partner/investor or otherwise shown interest in Privasee you may have received a communication. You can unsubscribe in the email, or request to unsubscribe here.

International Transfers

Privasee needs to use cloud services, some of which are based outside of the European Union in order to deliver some of its services. Services which Privasee use are have adequacy protections. This entails a transfer of some personal data to the United States of America. Suppliers of Privasee services listed below are certified EU – U.S. Privacy Shield organizations, meaning that the transfers are performed under this legal mechanism for international transfers

Security measures

Privasee follows industry best practices in information security. We implement security measures appropriate to the size and nature of our business, all with the aim of keeping your personal data safe and secure.

Data security

Privasee employees use Macintosh computers. All data is encrypted (Firevault) and access restricted with a screen lock.

Information access 

Employees have only access to data contained in business applications on a 'need-to-know' basis. Privileged users are granted on a 'need-to-access' basis.

Redovisningskonsulterna på Östermalm AB, BDO Sweden AB & Fortnox AB

Bookkeeping is what is processed by redovisningskonsulterna på Östermalm AB, auditing by BDO Sweden AB, and the cloud service Fortnox is the tool used.

  • customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, employees, investors
  • contact details, financial details is used as our web-hosting platform and email. Personal data collected and processed on this e-commerce website: contact details, buying history, financial data and cookies.

  • website visitors
  • cookie data
  • contact details
  • buying history
  • download history
  • If you are a volunteer or partner with Privasee, your privasee email address will be created in this service
  • email address and message contents

Stripe is used as the payment platform on webshop. Stripe will receive your transaction information. The information collected will include:

  • customers
  • payment method information (such as credit or debit card number, or bank account information),
  • purchase amount, date of purchase, and
  • payment method

We started using Statcounter from 30 June 2019.  We choose because of their stance on privacy and they are based in Ireland an EU member state.

  • website visitors
  • IP address, the last 2 digits are masked.

  • browser version
  • operating system version
  • data/time of visit
  • length of visit
  • geodata

For the GDPR certification portal we are using Zoho U.S. operations, and for operational purposes, e.g. Word, Excel, etc., are hosted in their EU operations.

  • customers, partners
  • As a user of the GDPR portal your email will be stored and used as logon to the service
  • Contact details of employees which are involved in GDPR compliance tasks in your organisation
  • If you receive any data subject requests, the relevant personal data of the requestor will be stored in the application

Productivity tool, i.e. WorkDrive

  • customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, pro-bono contacts, investors
  • personal data which can be contained within communications documents, spreadsheets and slides


Spark is the best email client ever, and they are based in Germany.

  • customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, investors, prospects, partners
  • email address
  • correspondence

Talent LMS

This is a cloud service which we use for the GDPR-privacy awareness training, that we call our DOVE.

  • customers, partners
  • email address
  • full name
  • learning experience and outcome


Used for direct marketing purposes

  • prospects, customers, partners, investors
  • email address
  • full name
  • campaign opens and clicks

Disclosure to third parties

We only share your personal data with third parties when necessary and according to the principles stated in this Privacy Notice. As a general rule, we do not disclose personal data to third parties, save from circumstances in which we share data with our partners and suppliers, as listed below:

Contact Privasee

You are welcome to contact Privasee direct if you have any questions concerning how your personal data is handled.

Privasee AB

Org no: 559018-3553

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