GDPR Privacy Champion training - the EAGLE

Join the league of Privacy Champions!

The course is designed for any professional wanting a fast-track to extend their skillset into GDPR in a fun way.

The EAGLE is a flexible way to learn, and it is low-cost at only €285. It is a great training delivered on a gamification platform. It is designed to empower your privacy skills as a professional; or strengthen the skillset of your privacy champions across the organisation.

Attain a sweeping view of the privacy landscape to become a Privacy Champion with Privasee's EAGLE training!

Available only in ENGLISH today. It's on the roadmap to translate into SWEDISH and PORTUGUESE. Please contact us if you are interested in either of these versions.

What you get for €285 on the Privacy Champion training:

  • Circa 16 hours of study time which you can complete during 3 months, the course runs 4 x per year;
  • To be part of a learning community, on a gamification platform (MOOC)*;
  • Interaction with other learners in a socially-enabled learning journey.
  • Privasee EAGLE Digital OpenBadge** which you can put on your LinkedIn profile upon successful course completion. 

*What is and why MOOC?
**What is an OpenBadge

PAY USING CREDIT CARD DIRECTLY IN OUR LEARNING PLATFORM (you need to create an account i Curatr)

Register now for the next EAGLE round which opened on 1st August.

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