Whether you are taking training at Advanced, Expert or Master level, how does taking your training on a MOOC platform work? Why take on a MOOC?

First what is a MOOC? It is the acroynym for Massive Open Online Course although since the concept first emerged in 2006, it has become acknowledged as an excellent learning experience, irrespective of whether there are 10 or 1000 in the MOOC.

Wikipedia definition of a MOOC.

Two of Privasee's trainings are delivered using a gamification platform called Curatr, which is a MOOC. It is here you will learn, meet with your trainer and training colleagues during your learning journey.

Advanced Training

You can start as soon as you've enrolled. It is completely flexible. In June 2019 there were 20 learners taking their EAGLE (the name we use for Advanced training). The advanced training can have upto 100 learners at any time. In fact "the more the merrier"!

Expert/Master Training

There are scheduled start dates to the training, normally 4 times a year. Your trainer will be holding Live sessions which are recorded if you are unable to attend. There is a limit on how many are permitted in each course. Maximum is 12 participants, and minimum is 6. 

Training available on the MOOC

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