Name Country OWL Award CPP Award* Trainer/Training Partner Consent**
Cheryl Rego + Ireland CPP0006 Privasee AB 07/02/2019
Marjolein Van Der Heide Netherlands CPP0008 Privasee AB 31/01/2019
João Ferreira Pinto + Portugal 30/04/2018, Lisbon CPP0002 Privasee AB 27/08/2018
Sandra Veloso + Portugal 30/04/2018, Lisbon CPP0003 Privasee AB 27/08/2018
Felicia Gerdin United Kingdom CPP0011 Privasee AB 10/06/2019
Maria Flores United Kingdom
Privasee AB 10/06/2019
Niklas Gerdin Sweden CPP0007 Privasee AB 10/06/2019
Alireza Majdabadi Sweden CPP0009 Privasee AB 10/06/2019
Peter Thorin Sweden
Privasee AB 10/06/2019
Jennifer Ekström Sweden

Privasee AB 28/01/2019
Maria Inês Lemos Pires Portugal
24/01/2019, Lisbon
Privasee AB 12/06/2019
Jessica Greus
Sweden 05/10/2018, Stockholm

Privasee AB 12/06/2019
James Casey
13/05/2019, Online
CPP0013 Privasee AB 12/06/2019
Outi Frisk
Privasee AB 12/06/2019
António Cordeiro
Portugal 20/03/2019, Lisbon
CPP0012 IFE by Abilways 12/06/2019
Per Tuvall
Sweden 05/10/2018, Stockholm

Privasee AB 12/06/2019
Pedro Campagnac Portugal  20/03/2019, Lisbon CPP0010IFE by Abilways 02/07/2019

* Successful completion of training, CPP exam taken.
** Date OWL consented to be included in public register.

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