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Privasee HQ
Hammarby Kaj 10D,flr 2 Goto10
Stockholm, Sweden
17 500 kr

Certified Privacy Practitioner Masterclass (CPP/EU-DPO)

Privasee HQ
Hammarby Kaj 10D,flr 2 Goto10 Stockholm, Sweden
17 500 kr
Certified Privacy Practitioner Masterclass (CPP/EU-DPO)

Certified Privacy Practitioner Masterclass (CPP/EU-DPO) in Stockholm

The Certified Privacy Practitioner /EU-DPO (CPP/EU-DPO) Award provides a journey that takes the student from foundations to practitioner knowledge level in the EU GDPR and Data Protection by Design (DPbD), as a default across their organisation. The course is designed for any professional wanting to either extend their skill set into GDPR or have been tasked with GDPR compliance in their organisation.

Language: English

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Learning Objectives

  • Scoping the GDPR program
  • How to use GDPR tools, e.g. Apps with GDPR (Arti-cles and Recitals)
  • The identification and management of privacy risks
  • The key elements of a data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • Build an accountability matrix, including a controller and processor roles
  • Scope the personal data discovery project


  • In the classroom, a hands-on methodology will be used, focused on experimentation and doing, using the case study method, practical exercises, group dynamics, stimulating discussion and sharing
  • Karen Lawrence Öqvist and Filip Johnssén’s book Hands-on Guide to GDPR compliance: Privacy by Design, Privacy by Default, a publication of the International Associ-ation of Privacy Profes-sionals (IAPP), will serve as a training manual.
  • All participants will also be provided a reading-list with articles, documents and legislation to read before and during the training.


The Privasee Certified Privacy Practitioner Award (GDPR) has been levelled at SCQF* Level 9 and rated at 10 credit points i.e. minimum 100 hours of study. Credit rating body is the City of Glasgow College
*Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

This equals Level 6 Certification EQF (European Qualifications Framework), equivalent to 5 ECTS after completed exam.


Karen Lawrence Öqvist

Ceo & founder

Karen is an author, entrepreneur and speaker with 25+ years of experience in IT, information security and privacy, predominantly with Fortune 100 companies. She holds two master’s degrees, one in information security, the other in business administration.

Karen is a Fellow of Information Privacy with the IAPP and educator for CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT training. As a privacy advocate, she has been writing, blogging and speaking on privacy issues for more than 10 years. Karen has lived and worked in the U.K., France, and Switzerland, but currently resides in Sweden on an island in Stockholm’s Archipelago.

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